Our educational work

The youth education center Kurt Löwenstein organizes seminars with kids and youth from Berlin and Brandenburg as well as seminars with trainees. As a federal training center for the Socialist Youth of Germany - Die Falken, we organize pedagogical and political non-formal education, seminars for youth movements and educational work, international exchanges and other events.

Embarking on new things, recognizing interests, questioning prejudices, discussing topics, reducing racism, learning to argue, finding common ground, spending free time together, celebrating parties - all this is possible in our education centre.

We promote mutual acquaintance, understanding and cooperation. We sharpen the view for own and common interests and perspectives. We focus on the experiences of our participants and thus motivate them to deal with substantive topics. We support children and youth in their socio-political orientation processes.

Our pedagogical concept and our mission statement can be found here.

Our main topics in recent years have included democracy and participation, the media, prejudice-aware education, gender-specific role models, life in diversity, constructive conflict management, team development (experiential learning), participation in school and daily life, job orientation and job-application training and much more.

Frequently seminar contents are converted into "products" and thus reflected. These products are created during the week, e.g. short video clips, a small play, photo stories, a newspaper or a radio play. Sculpture, screenprinting and land art are also used as creative forms of expression.

The educational work of the youth education center Kurt Löwenstein is aimed principally at all young people. We have many years of experience with the following target groups:

Working with children and youth is one of the focal points of our educational work. At our school seminars, which take place mostly from Monday to Friday, primary school children and young people between the ages of 10 and 19 from Berlin and Brandenburg take part. In addition, we regularly offer educational seminars for trainees and vocational students.

Our seminar offer also includes international youth encounters: a week with youth from Eastern Europe or Israel in our education centre and in their hometown. Far away from any tourism, you can gather impressions of life in other countries and similarities among young people.

For active members of youth movements, we organize regular trainings and networking events. These are also open to active people from other pedagogical and political structures.

As a federal education center of the SJD - Die Falken, we carry out trainings for young volunteers as well as political events and advanced training for full-time employees of youth organizations, which are aimed at all young people.

We organize international educational seminars with mostly socialist and social democratic youth organizations from all over Europe and the Middle East.

In German you will find further information about our target groups, our various educational areas and projects as well as an overview of our publications and various seminar results.

Also unfortunately only in German, we offer an overview of all events of the current half year in our education plan. Current events for free registration and our reports provide an overview of our work.