Socialist Youth of Germany - The Falcons

The youth education center Kurt Löwenstein is a federal educational center of the SJD - Die Falken.

Please find below a short presentation of the movement:

Sozialistische Jugend Deutschlands - Die Falken

"The Socialist Youth of Germany - Die Falken is a voluntary association of children and young people. Here group work is organized in the districts, camps and holiday camps, youth centers, rock concerts and parties, political seminars and actions.

Children and young people spend their free time with the Falken and, together with other, do politics for themselves. Politics has something to do with us, with our interests and needs. We "Falcons" fight against paternalism, intolerance and against inhuman slogans and politics. We stand for more democracy, social justice, equal opportunities and a fundamental change in the existing society.

As an association with over 100 years of history, we have learned that we need to take our interests into our own hands. We know that only a fundamental change in existing society can lead to the implementation of freedom, peace, justice and self-determination for all people. And what we think, dream, hope we already try to live today."

More info on SJD-Die Falken can be found here: