Winter School 2023/24: "Never Again War – Building Peace, Justice & a better world"

27.12.2023 bis 03.01.2024

This year's Winter School will be held from December 27, 2023 to January 3, 2024 under the heading "Never Again War - Building Peace, Justice & a better world". Register now!

Ankündigungsbild für die Winter School 2023/24.

When the year comes to its end, it’s time for the next International Winter School at Kurt Löwenstein Education Centre – one of the biggest educational activities of its kind, hosting up to 120 people in our centre. Activists from all over the world get together to learn from each other and discuss political issues, as well as enjoying a day in Berlin and the self-organized New Year’s Party! This year, the educational programme focusses on building peace, justice, and a better world. We will discuss nonviolent communication, conflict transformation and intersectional approach to human rights for changing society through peace building. Because peace is more than the absence of war, it’s a world in which everyone can feel safe. Together, we’ll find out which aspects are crucial in creating a counterforce to a world deeply troubled by war, conflict, climate change, pandemics, and the surging right-wing extremism. We’re looking forward welcoming you at our activity!

The programme is developed by the international team of Kurt Löwenstein Education Centre. We will work in track sessions every day. But we will leave plenty of time per day for other parts of the programme participants self-organise, with the help of the international team, but also sometimes themselves. In committees we organise our free time and evenings. We will have time to share workshops also participants bring with them and spend one day on a field trip in Berlin. Much more will develop and happen.

The seminar will be conducted in English; thus, it will be rather hard to understand the instructions and fully participate if your English is limited. However, you may help each other out in delegations.

OUR APPROACH in socialist non-formal education breaks with the tradition of formal schooling. We facilitate discussions and exchange by encouraging partici-pants to self-organize and take over the seminar. We aim at establishing a safer space for uniting for a future beyond capitalism and patriarchy.

THIS YEAR’S WINTER SCHOOL will offer the participants a range of seminars to choose from, all relating to peace building and justice. Participants will encounter both playful and theory-oriented sessions, as well as free time and networking opportunities.

OUR VALUES include the fight against capitalism and for a socialist economy, a feminist society, justice and international solidarity. During the seminar, we embrace our values by facilitating critical masculinity reflections, the principle “We are not our countries” and an educational approach breaking with neoliberal schools and universities.

WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD to welcoming comrades from all over the world who are ready to partake in an eight-days long, intense, and challenging activity to shape the future of our socialist movements.


December 27, 2023 – January 3, 2024

Target Age?

18-30 years old

(Younger people from the age of 16 can participate, however, they need to be accompanied by a responsible adult in their delegation.)

Participation Fee?

50-100€, depending on your country of residence

Travel cost reimbursement?

Possible - for more details contact Jonas Gerber.

Registration deadline?

December 4, 2023 (Participants needing Visa invitations, please apply as early as possible!)

Register now!

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Contact details:

Jonas Gerber


Phone: +49(0)33398-8999-15


"International Winterschool 2023/24" is organized by Kurt Löwenstein Education Centre in cooperation with international partner organisations of SJD – Die Falken (Socialist Youth of Germany): YES (Young European Socialists), IUSY (International Union of Socialist Youth) and IFM-SEI (International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International).

The content reflects solely the opinion of the authors "Kurt Löwenstein International Team". The European Commission is not liable for any consequences resulting from the reuse of this publication. The seminar week International Winterschool 2023/24 is co-funded by the European Union (EU) and the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.