Queer Easter 2021 in Summer - „We are here, we are queer!“

17.07.2021 bis 24.07.2021

- Strengthening visibility and acceptance of gender and sexual diversity -

Due to the pandemic, this year's Queer Easter Seminar has to take place in July! Register now!

For the seminar on 17 - 24 July 2021 please register here: https://www.kurt-loewenstein.de/de/formular/online-registration-queer-easter-summer-2021

Queer Easter is a seminar that brings together activists from socialist children and youth movements and LGBTQIA*-organisations and takes place for more than 20 years at Kurt Löwenstein Education Center, usually around Easter.

This year we will focus on the struggle of getting acknowledged and the fight for societal acceptance of gender and sexual diversity. Together we will share “good practices” from people and organisations from Europe and all over the world regarding the topic. We will analyse underlying reasons for hatred, especially hostility towards homo- and trans*people and develop possibilities how to counteract. We will discuss, what we can do to create a society in which nobody has to fear for being, who they are.

As usual, the seminar will be in English.

Seminar in Werftpfuhl: 17 - 24 July 2021
(An online get-together took place on 03 April 2021.)

Participation Fee?
50-100€ (for the seminar), depending on your country of residence

Travel cost reimbursement?
Possible - for more details contact Jonas Gerber.

Registration deadline?
05 July 2021 (Participants needing Visa invitations, please apply as early as possible!)

Currently our house operates under some restrictions due to health prevention. We follow special rules of hygiene (sorry, only available in German), such as covering mouse and nose in the corridors and dining hall, washing and desinfecting hands on a regular basis and seperation of different groups in the house. So far we have succesfully organized several seminars under these conditions. We are confident, that the seminar will be possible. If it has to be cancelled because of the pandemic, you won’t have to pay any fees!

Feel free to contact us with any question.

Contact details:
Jonas Gerber
Email: j.gerber@kurt-loewenstein.de
Phone: +49(0)33398-8999-15

The Queer-Easter-Seminar is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

"Queer Easter" is organized by Youth Education Center Kurt Löwenstein in cooperation with international partner organisations of SJD – Die Falken (Socialist Youth of Germany): YES (Young European Socialists), IUSY (International Union of Socialist Youth) and IFM-SEI (International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International).