International Summerschool: "Whose city is the city? Ours!"

21.07.2019 bis 28.07.2019

From 21 - 28 July 2019 activists from socialist organisations are invited to Werftpfuhl.

Summerschool 2019

“Whose city is the city? Ours! – Strengthening youth participation for social city development”

One of the biggest challenges for young people in our current societies is segregation and the exclusion of people in our communities. In recent years the housing situation has been growing worse all over Europe. Today there is no guarantee for young people to be able to move out and live in affordable housing. In the International Summerschol we will explore ways we can fight the dying housing situation.

Besides sharing work, lots of political debates and spending a day in Berlin, we will not forget to have fun together.

21st July 2019 (around 16h) – 28th July 2019 (around 12h)

30-50 participants from IUSY, YES and IFM-SEI

Working language?

50-100€ depending on your country of residence

Where to register?
Online registration here

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Marc Rüdiger
Phone: +49(0)33398899925