Online-Training: "Education for social change"

30.10.2020 to 01.11.2020

From 30th October to 1st November 2020 we organize a training “Education for social change”, which is held online due to the current conditions. We want to provide knowledge and skills how to design and run educational processes in an international surrounding. Apply now - limited number of participants!

For more than 20 years, the Education Centre Kurt Löwenstein of SJD - Die Falken Germany is an international meeting and encountering place for members and activists from IFM-SEI, IUSY and YES. In various seminars like Winterschool, Summerschool, Queer Easter and other seminars we discuss, dream and make plans how to contribute to social change.

For us it is important that these seminars and trainings are run by an international team to share different approaches and experiences, and to learn more about different realities we live in. The international team is composed of active members from various member organisations from all over Europe, Israel and Palestine. They meet regularly, receive trainings and develop ideas for seminars in these meetings.

The training is also open to everybody wanting to learn, but not join the center's international team.

The training will be about

  • ideas and methods of non-formal education,
  • inclusion of political and cultural aspects into methods of non-formal education.
  • ideas of socialist education and
  • reflective and anti-discriminatory education.

Due to the current pandemic we have adapted the concept of the training to be held online. That means, the number of participants has to be limited.

The seminar will have no participation fee.

To register please write an e-mail to Jonas Gerber, including your

  • Full name
  • Current postal address (and country)
  • Your Gender (male, female, diverse, none, -, etc.)
  • If you are younger or older than 27
  • Organisation and your function in it (e.g. group leader or board member of…). Of course you can also register without being a member of an organisation.

These information is needed for the funding institution. It will not be used for anything else than retrieving the money from the funding institution.

Contact: If you or your organisation is interested to participate in the seminar, or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Jonas Gerber.